Wilderness skills are most often taken by Scout or Ranger style characters. These characters will have spent a long time out of contact with 'normal' civilisation and will often be more at home in the downs or woods, away from large cities.

Skills followed by a number or range of numbers indicate a levelled skill, this skill has multiple levels, with higher levels having different effects. To purchase a levelled skill you must have the previous levels (e.g. to purchase first aid 3 to treat somebody you must have first aid 1 and 2) in addition to any other pre-requites. The XP cost represents the XP cost per level.

Skills without a number are non-levelled: there is no progression for them, you buy them only once unless specified in the skills description.

You must be level N to buy the skill Wilderness N - for example, at chargen, your character is level 3, you may purchase up to Wilderness 3, but must wait until you reach level 4 (181XP) before you can buy Wilderness 4.

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