Warrior Skills

Warrior Skills indicate that a character has spent considerable time and effort practicing and perfecting their skill with a range of weapons. They may be members of the City Militia, tough mercenaries, foppish duelists - the possibilities are endless. All the Churches have militant orders associated with them who have Spiritual Awakening and other Spirit skills alongside Warrior, and the Guild of Warlocks is always looking for new recruits willing to delay their studies in magic in order to concentrate on the arts of fighting. Besides this, many more traditional mages or priests spend some time studying with their more martially-inclined allies in order to learn how to handle a sword, mace or staff in these dangerous times.

Skills followed by a number or range of numbers indicate a levelled skill, this skill has multiple levels, with higher levels having different effects. To purchase a levelled skill you must have the previous levels (e.g. to purchase first aid 3 to treat somebody you must have first aid 1 and 2) in addition to any other pre-requites. The XP cost represents the XP cost per level.

Skills without a number are non-levelled: there is no progression for them, you buy them only once unless specified in the skills description.

You must be level N to buy the skill Warrior N - for example, at chargen, your character is level 3, you may purchase up to Warrior 3, but must wait until you reach level 4 (181XP) before you can buy Warrior 4.

Skills are listed in the form of "Skill Name (XP cost) [Prerequistes]"

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