Priest Skills

These are the skills available for those playing priests - the Spiritually Awakened - in Treasure Trap. Each day when they perform their daily devotions, priests are granted a certain amount of authority by their god. This power is represented by points of Spirit, which they may use to cast those Miracles that they know. Each Miracle has a level; this is how many points of Spirit it costs to perform. If a priest does not have enough power remaining, then they can not perform that miracle. In order to cast, a priest must also be in contact with a Holy Symbol of their god - either by line of sight or the close proximity of the symbol being worn on their person.

Skills followed by a number or range of numbers indicate a levelled skill, this skill has multiple levels, with higher levels having different effects. To purchase a levelled skill you must have the previous levels (e.g. to purchase first aid 3 to treat somebody you must have first aid 1 and 2) in addition to any other pre-requites. The XP cost represents the XP cost per level.

You must be level N to buy any level N skills - for example, at chargen, your character is level 3, you may purchase skills up to level 3, but must wait until you reach level 4 (181XP) before you can buy level 4 skills.

Skills are listed in the form of "Skill Name (XP cost) [Prerequistes]"

To play a priest first you must buy spiritual awakening - joining your characters soul to your god. From there the devotion skill represents your power as a priest, and the maximum level miracles you can perform. You will need levels in spiritual power and blessing to give you the spirit you need to cast miracles. For buying miracles: all gods except Balance have a primary miracle set, which you must buy the miracle from each level. The also have 3 other miracle sets that they grant access to, and the blessing miracle set. Along with the primary miracle set you must have at least one miracle from one other set at your current level to buy the next level of devotion. Read through the sets and decide which ones appeal to the priest you want to play, remember that to buy a miracle at a given level you must have all the lower level ones. For priests of Balance you may pick any set as you primary set, and have access to any 2 other miracle sets, in addition to the blessing set.

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