Granted by Aten, The Crofter, Astalon, and Balance.

The Purity tree deals with supernatural beings and effects. Its users can call on it to cleanse the souls of those suffering from a supernatural condition. Its power may also be used to seek out and harm or destroy supernatural beings, such as extraplanar entities (commonly called demons). Due to its diverse nature it is granted by both typically militant and typically peaceful gods.

The even-numbered miracles of the Purity tree are all Remove Curse miracles, and are identical save for their level.

Level X: Remove Curse X

Range: Lay on hands
Duration: Instant
Effect: You channel the cleansing fire of your deity's energy through the target, burning away all external influences and leaving them as they should be. Call "PURGE SPIRITUAL X PURGE MAGICAL X".

Effect calls that are not INFLICT are not affected by this call. Neither are short-lived defensive spells and miracles such as those that grant armour or empower weapons.

The odd-numbered miracles of the Purity tree are listed below. The level 7 miracle will always specifically inconvenience an extraplanar being as they are in some way reliant on their home plane, typically by cutting them off from it completely. The level 3 and 5 miracles MAY also damage the link between an extraplanar being and its home plane. For more powerful entities, this may affect how easily they return to the prime and how much power this will cost them. In the case of less powerful beings (such as lesser demons on the prime which are tethered to their plane) then this might destroy their tether, allowing them to be easily killed without them being pulled back. It may have knock back effects on their plane, or their ritualist. The special effects on extraplanar beings are not required to be and may not be consistent.

Level 1: Comprehending the unclean

Range: WIDE
Duration: Instant
Effect: Call "Wide detect EXTRAPLANAR". You call upon your god to bring forth knowledge of any creatures from outside the prime in a large area around you.

Level 3: Cleansing the way

Range: Target
Duration: Instant
Effect: Call "Target, Harm Extraplanar Quad Strikedown". A spirit of your god flies forth from you to batter down an enemy foreign to the prime.

Level 5: Empowering the righteous fist

Range: Touch
Duration: 5 minutes or scene length
Effect: You call upon the wrath of your god to possess your weapon. It becomes an instrument with which to smite extraplanar entities. For the duration of the effect, you may convert your weapon damage to "harm extraplanar" with two extra degrees of damage and strikedown. For example, if you can usually call double with your weapon, you may now call "Harm extraplanar Quad Strikedown" instead. The weapon ceases to be empowered if it leaves your possession.

Level 7: Severing the link

Range: 'Self' / next target struck
Duration: 5 minutes or scene length
Effect: Your weapon of choice (or hand) is empowered to cut an entity off from its link to any external sources of power. Replace the damage call from your weapon with SILENCE 300. This effect will cut someone off from external sources of power. The refs should be informed as soon as possible if this miracle has been used. This will typically be temporarily disabling to priests, mages and elemental beings, and a very serious threat to extraplanar beings. The exact effects of this may depend on the situation, the target, and the priest's god (so please make sure to grab a ref as soon as you cast it).

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