Knowledge: Granted by Astalon, Aten, Luca, and Balance.

These are miracles of understanding and divination, of learning and interrogation. It cannot be said that the application of any but the first is exactly pleasant for the target - like any such power, they should not be used lightly. Most uses of levels 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 of this tree require a ref. Casting any miracle of this tree on an elemental elf or other magical being requires a ref present.

Level 1: Spirit Speech

Range: Special
Duration: Special
Effect: The spirits of your deity convey a message to a given person, who may be anyone you can describe to the spirits who is currently upon the same plane as you. This may require a ref if you wish the message to be OOC secret or if the recipient is a long way away. None but the target can hear the message.

Level 2: Question Spirit

Range: Touch
Duration: Three questions / answers
Effect: You are empowered to ask three yes/no questions of any spirit not possessed of a living body. The miracle allows them to hear and understand you, but does not compel them to give truthful answers. This may be used to speak with the spirit of any dead body that has not yet been laid to rest or raised as undead.

Level 3: Converse with Spirit

Range: Touch
Duration: 5 minutes
Effect: This miracle allows two-way communication with anything possessing a spirit (if it goes 'ping' to Detect Spirit, you can talk to it with this - that includes things like animals and plants, but specifically not elemental elves). It circumvents language barriers, but does not compel any answer (let alone a truthful one). In general, small spirits (spiritual effects, empowered spirit weapons and similar) are helpful and kind and willing to assist, but they can't see inanimate objects too well, and descriptions of people will be descriptions of their moral character and whether they are priests rather than physical descriptions - but they might know the person's name.

Level 4: Speak with Dead

Range: Touch
Duration: 5 minutes
Effect: This miracle attempts to contact the spirit of a dead person, whose corpse you must be touching, for a conversation. If the body has not been laid to rest (this includes bodies that have been raised as undead), then the miracle works as Speak with Spirit. If the body has been laid to rest, then the spirit may return to talk to you, but no force may compel the spirit to return if it does not wish to - if this is the case, a functionary of the deity the body has gone to will provide information to that effect. Use of this miracle is considered a blasphemy by many followers of Azrael and Aten, and one may expect a poor response if it is cast on a slain follower of either of these gods. Casting this miracle on the body of a priest may be hazardous, for their spirit is generally elevated to the position of direct servant of their deity upon death.

Level 5: Investigation

Range: Scene
Duration: A few minutes
Effect: Your soul temporarily leaves your body, and joins with spirits of your deity in the area in analysing a crimescene. You are able to rapidly make deductions no mortal could make based on difficult to notice evidence, and feats of logic related to the present circumstance become much easier. Time is critical in the performance of this miracle: if you arrive within 5 minutes of an event occurring, you will be able to get a pretty accurate idea of what happened, who was involved and where they went; within half an hour some idea of what happened and a vague description of who was involved; within one hour a vague outline of what went on but no information on who specifically was involved; within a day you might get some idea if a significant event happened within a few meters but nothing more. Note that most followers of Azrael consider this a form a necromancy and that practitioners of this miracle are in no uncertain terms undead, as the soul has left the body and returned.

Level 6: Lesser Summoning

Range: The entire multiverse
Duration: Three questions and answers or five minutes
Effect: You may summon any being with a spirit from anywhere in the multiverse, upon the authority of your deity. They are compelled to appear in a form with which you may communicate, but not necessarily to manifest physically; if they are a standard living person, the spirit will project their voice (and they will hear a similar projection of yours), and translate if necessary; the person will stay where they are, physically. The power of the miracle and the treaties between the powers of the multiverse will insulate you from all harm from this being unless it is a deity or being of similar power; it affords similar protection to the summoned being. You may ask three yes / no questions, which the being is not compelled to answer truthfully. It is both disrespectful and dangerous to cast this on a deity, but it is technically possible. This miracle may take some time to take effect (as the spirit has to go through the proper channels, find the being, and set up the manifestation); from the time your target manifests, you have five minutes to question them.

Level 7: Greater Summoning

Range: The entire multiverse
Duration: Five minutes or until released
Effect: This is similar to the above miracle, but less restrictive. You may summon any being with a spirit, which is compelled to appear in a form with which you may communicate. You may converse with the being for five minutes. For the duration of the miracle, the being may neither depart nor harm you unless it is a deity or being of similar power (and even they would think twice before insulting your lord so openly). While the duration continues, you may dismiss the being at will - though it is not recommended to do so rudely. Once it expires, the being may stay or leave as it wishes and act as it wishes (if it is a projection, the projection will remain active as long as the target being wishes). Once again, casting this upon a deity is likely to be taken as a studied insult from your deity, though not nearly so much as casting 'Lesser Summoning', above.

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