These are the skills available for those playing mages - graduates in Elemental Theory.

Skills followed by a number or range of numbers indicate a levelled skill, this skill has multiple levels, with higher levels having different effects. To purchase a levelled skill you must have the previous levels (e.g. to purchase first aid 3 to treat somebody you must have first aid 1 and 2) in addition to any other pre-requites. The XP cost represents the XP cost per level.

Skills without a number are non-levelled: there is no progression for them, you buy them only once unless specified in the skills description.

You must be level N to buy any level N skills - for example, at chargen, your character is level 3, you may purchase skills up to level 3, but must wait until you reach level 4 (181XP) before you can buy level 4 skills.

To play a mage you must first by "Elemental theory", your characters basic training in the magical arts. From there you buy the first level of elemental skill, which is your overall magic control. Elemental might and Elemental power give you the mana you need to cast spells. Lastly you need elemental lore of your chosen colour, which is specific training in that colour of, magic and allows you to buy the spells of that level. When you have both your syllabus spells of your colour you can buy the next level of elemental skill, then the next level of elemental lore to get access to the higher level spells. Elemental might and power aren't needed each level, but more mana is of course better! Colourless lore can be taken by all mages and has some very useful spells in it. Empower magic weapon lets you carry a large weapon without having to worry about it causing you to explode, so is well worth the xp if you intend to linear!

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